February 9, 2012

닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band) - Say 2! Joo Byung-Hee

병희, 사랑해~! +____+ (Byunghee, I love you~!)

Are you curious who is Byunghee? O.o
Let me introduce him to you~~~ =)

He was initially the lead vocal of the Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, also known as the core of the band itself. He composed songs for the band and always gained many attentions.

I personally like his eyeliner very much!!! (>______<) Guys with eyeliners really yeng (stylish)! But, of course, not every guy suits this style...

He looks tired in this photo... =(

Although Byunghee is the eldest in the band, but he always acting like a younger brother. His members always commented that he is crazy! =S

"En~ YES~"

Doesn't he looks cute to you? For me, YES!!! =D

Being shy... >w<

The one... It's you!

Byunghee got crushed with a girl named Soo-Ah. He is totally crazy for her, keep calling her as his muse (여신). But sadly, he can't be with the girl until the end, as a disaster creepily looking for him...

When Byunghee first met with Soo-Ah.

Because he wanted to take back something which belongs to them, he alone went to meet their 'enemy', Park Pyo-Joo. Pyo-Joo, this guy, wanted to 'kick off' Byunghee and his group Shut Up! (originally named Eye Candy) as they were their rival since the day Byunghee and his members transfer to JungSang High School.

Actually, Pyo-Joo didn't really meant to pay back a new drum to Shut Up!, he just want to use this reason to ask Byunghee come out ALONE to fight! ...... Byunghee was beaten up harshly by Pyo-Joo and his bodyguards. Poor Byunghee, who was almost faint, hardly used up all his strength to runaway from that place. At last, his members had found him opposite the road. Byunghee walking like drunken man, acrossing the road, ...... and BOOOOOOM! He was hitted by a truck! TT________TT

It was really a sad story for me. I thought he is the main actor of the drama. =(
Well, now Byunghee was dead, but Lee Min-Ki is still here! =P

Do support this drama! ;D

All photos credits to their owners! :)

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