July 21, 2018

[Review] CP-1 - Scalp Tincture Head Spa

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Have you check out my previous hair product review? If you missed it, click the link here since we are dedicating this whole month of July to talk about hair products ONLY.

I am bring another product review on CP-1 today, featuring the Scalp Tincture Head Spa.

Wait..what exactly is that?

Review; CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa
CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa | 씨피-원 두피 전용 팅처 | 100ml

Keep reading to understand more about this Summer and Hot Days Essential. :D

How to endure under the hot sun this summer? Here you go.

CP-1 Tea Tree Tincture to the rescue! A cooling tincture specially designed for problematic scalp.

But what is "tincture"?

It is a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. Here CP-1 is using herbs dissolving in alcohol and vinegar.

Source : Althea Korea

Are you having problems with

  • Fine dust?
  • Flaky scalp?
  • Oily hair?
  • Smelly crown?
  • Greasiness?

Well it isn't necessarily need during the hot days, but also CP-1's Head Spa Line is developed by scalp therapists (Trichologists) for the purpose of improving the aging of the scalp which directly affects hair loss. 

CP-1 is in vision to allow professional hair care to be done at home without having visit a scalp clinic.

Featuring Tea Tree, Green Tea and Centella, this is a refreshing scalp care which you can carry everywhere.

source : Althea Korea

Source : Althea Korea

Review; CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa

The Scalp Tincture Head Spa comes in a plastic bottle packaging and a spray head.

Review; CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa

It also comes in a spray stopper. Now you don't need to worry that it will accidentally spill inside your pouch. (as below)

Review; CP-1's Scalp Tincture Head Spa

To use, remove the spray stopper and spray it all over the scalp evenly for about 3 ~ 5 times. You may massage using your fingertips for better absorption.

Apply more on the areas which you feel drier or itchier, especially the top of the head.

It has this powdery and mint scent which is exceptionally refreshing on the scalp.

Usually I just spray 2 ~ 3 times on the top of the head to cool down the heat. The coolness could last for hours.

This product is available on Althea Korea for RM18.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: To reduce heat and itchiness on the head.

Repurchase: Not anytime soon since one bottle can goes a looong way.

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