July 30, 2018

[Restaurant] Lunch @ Dragon Palace Sabah - Seafood & Dim Sum

Hello there!

It's another food diary.
(If that's what you expect, read on ^0^)

I took a day off last last Wednesday,
together with my family,
we went on a weekday family outing.

It's the FIRST time since I started working.

Our schedule today is to have lunch and watch a movie together!

Since my dad and I spent the most of the earlier day doing errands,
we only sat down for lunch at around 2PM.

My mum and younger sister they met us up straight at the restaurant.

So what's up for lunch???

Dad is really excited to show us the newly opened restaurant at Suria Sabah.
He has been talking about it for like months (as I remember). :p

Dragon Palace Sabah - Seafood & Dim Sum
Address : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (right above McDonald's), 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Operating Hours : 10AM–3PM, 6–10PM

If you have been to Cantonese Dim Sum restaurant before,
the style is more or less the same,
but you definitely can tell it's much upgraded here.

More luxurious, less crowded.

And to note, this restaurant doesn't not serve pork.
So friends you can come ramai-ramai~~~

It's our first time visiting,
I have literally zero expectation.

Bring it on, foodie! :9

Since most of the foods are pre-ready,
they are served quickly on the table.

Panda buns??? Can you guess what is it? :)

YESHHH, it is lao sa bao (a.k.a. liu sha bao 流沙包).
Toooo cute and you hardly say no...

Meetballs 牛肉丸

Har Gow 蝦餃

Shumai 烧卖

Yangzhou Fried Rice with Beef 牛肉扬州炒饭

Perhaps because it's odd lunch hour, there isn't much dining customers.
Most of them prefer to sit near to the window with sea view.

Gentle reminder.
Don't sit close to the window,
especially when it's hot afternoon.

Ambiance and environment wise,
it offers 5-star standard and it's best to enjoy your afternoon tea here.

Among all the foods we ordered,
my favourite are the Har Gow and Yangzhou Fried Rice with Beef.

The Panda buns are Instagram-able.
However, the taste is more on the buttery and sweet side,
instead of the salted egg taste which I expected.

Least that we know,
the restaurant is having a 20% instant rebate on the bill upon checkout.

We were absolutely delighted to find our total bill not more than RM60 for 4 pax.


Will I revisit this restaurant?
Well, I don't see myself visiting this restaurant alone any time soon,
but as far as the food quality and service,
I think it is definitely recommendable.

That's all for now.
And 'till the next time.

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