July 31, 2018

[Monthly Project] #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel 😇

Monthly Project (July 2018)

#21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel 😇

July has been a thrilling month for me. Truly blessed (thank God!!!).

On 22nd July 2018, I received my first ever blogger mail, and it's none other than Althea Korea. I can still remember the excitement when I was chosen as their Blogger of the Month last April. (big shout out to Althea Korea,,, you're my STAR!!!)

What you can expect from this post:
  • Unboxing and sneak-peek of what's in the first Althea Angel box;
  • Exclusive pass to learn about the upcoming new products - Althea x Get It Beauty.

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel


Rewind the story back to last May. That's when I saw the post on Althea Korea's Insta-Story about Althea Angel - Althea Korea's Beauty Ambassador Community. Right at that moment, I knew that I want to be part of this community. When I caught back in my senses, I've already filled up the GoogleDocs and submitted it.

Dated 16 May 2018

And a month later, I received a confirmation email from the Althea Team!!! Words failed me at that moment. I can't express fully to you how much it means to me... It's just AWESOME!!!!!!!

Then another month went by. Announcement was made in the community saying that the Welcome Box is on the way to our doorstep, but we were not given any of the shipment details (i.e. tracking number). It supposed to be a surprise welcome gift.

So when the delivery man called me up, I was not prepared at all. I was outside and quickly I rushed back home.

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel

OMGEEE!!! Continue scrolling if you're interested to know what's inside~ :D

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel

A boxful of products and merchandises. *^~^*

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel

Easy easy. Let's break it down one-by-one, shall we? :)

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel
Welcome Note by Tammy Lim a.k.a. fairy godmother!

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel
Pink makeup zipper pouch

Spacious inside

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel
Cute hand mirror

Althea turns 3 Canvas Shopping Bag. It can fits the BIG Althea Box, can you believe??
So spacious and tahan~

Missing the highlight???


Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel

Monthly Project; #21 Spread Your Wings, Althea Angel
The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer which comes in Green Tea and Rose

It is a daily 10 seconds wash off mask.

A collaboration between Althea x Get It Beauty

If you have been following K-beauty, the name "Get It Beauty" would ring the bell.

YASSS, it is the famous K-beauty TV programme!!!

Now they even have their own brand too (how cool is that?).

With the hectic schedules of modern urbanites in mind, this collaboration is targeting to create a product that not only easy-to-use, but also treats the daily needs of our skin.

Exclusive Althea x Get It Beauty's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

It is recommended to use Rose for morning routine;
Green Tea for night routine.

Personally I love the color of Rose Skin Detoxer.
Isn't it looks dreamy? *^~^*

Both Rose and Green Tea have their very own natural scent to it.

They have gel-type texture and you can also find small particles in it
(not quite sure what is it yet).

I have been using them day and night on alternative days.

For instance, I replace my morning and night cleansing products with these newbies.

All you need is apply it all over your entire face.
Let it sit for 10 seconds.
Lather the gel by wetting it with some water.
Start massaging using both hands until you lather some bubbles.
Clean your face as usual.
Wash it off.

Though lacking the "wow" element,
so far it works fine for me.
They didn't cause any skin problems or breakouts.


Do catch up with more updated insight when you follow me on Instagram (@skhelyt). ;)


And here you go - my first blogger mail from Althea Korea.

Which item catches your eyes? Lemme know in the comment box below! :D
Wanna join the community? Click here to read more!


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