July 28, 2018

[Review] Hoyu Beautylabo - Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown) + First Impression

Hello everyone! :)

This is the very first time I share on hair color product. Also this is my first time trying out hair color product from Hoyu Beautylabo.

Its always intimidating when choosing hair color product. The very reason is because we do not know whether it works on our hair, would the color turned out well... etc.

If you're interested to purchase from Hoyu Beautylabo, hope it serves as a good read. :)

Review; Hoyu Beautylabo's Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown) + First Impression
Hoyu Beautylabo's Whip Hair Color (Maple Brown)

I bought this whip hair color from Watsons for around RM22+.

In the box, it includes a pair of gloves, one bottle of colorant, one bottle of color developer, one mixing shaker (the cup), one packet of After Color Treatment.

There are product guide / instruction available in English, so you can refer to it anytime. ;)

Here's the color guide as provided by Hoyu Beautylabo (as below).

All these while I've been using whip hair color from another Japanese brand. I chose Hoyu Beautylabo for this round because I thought "wow, let's give it a try since it's RM10 cheaper than the usual one."

Let's see if it works. :D

Since I didn't have extra hands to take photos during the process, I might as well breakdown the steps to you (just in case you don't have the English guide / instruction).

Step 1 : Pour the entire amount of Colorant and Developer in the Mixing Shaker.
Step 2 : Firmly tighten the cap and shake the Mixing Shaker strongly with both hands for at least 30 times. (I did more than that, just to ensure to get the nice and thick foam)
Step 3 : Slowly open the cap. You will need a newspaper or a sheet of paper to prevent spill.
Step 4 : Apply plenty of foam onto dry hair. Make sure there are no dry or uncovered areas.
Step 5 : Again apply another round of whipped foam to your hair to ensure even distribution.
Step 6 : Gather all your hair and gently massage to blend the whipped foam nicely.
Step 7 : Leave on for 30 minutes (I left more than that since my hair doesn't easy get colored)
Step 8 : Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear.
Step 9 : Shampoo twice and finish with conditioner.
Step 10 : Dry hair with a towel, not entirely dried.
Step 11 : Apply the After Color Treatment on the entire hair and dry them using hair dryer.

Caution / Things to take note :

  • DO NOT keep the colorant and color developer for reuse.
  • Hair color may stain clothes, hats and pillow cases. Take precaution at least for the first 24 hours.
  • If you wish to recolor your hair, it's recommended to wait for at least 1 week to do so, to reduce the risk of damaging your hair and scalp.

Before vs. After

If you haven't notice, I had a hair cut just recently. My hair never been so short!! (>w<)

The whip hair color turned out too much to be used on my short hair. I apply twice on my head and even apply once for my mum! (we both have short hairstyle :))

The color didn't turn out as bright and brownish as I wanted, which is kinda disappointed. Not to fully blamed it on the hair color product, probably it's just because my hair are too black originally (hmm a long pause).

One of the perks of having short hair - I don't need to deal with the hair tangle problem after hair dye. Sometimes even if I applied the After Color Treatment, my hair still feel coarse and dry. After all, it's damaged.

But this time round, I don't need to deal with any of that (what a surprise and relief!).

Are you thinking of changing hairstyle soon? If no, perhaps you wanna rethink about it? :p


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Not highly recommend. Apparently it doesn't work too well on my hair.

Repurchase: No.

For your reference.


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