July 25, 2018

[Review] My Beauty - Rice Sheet Mask + First Impresion

Hello everyone! :)

I'm so thrilled to pen this blog post because this is my FIRST TIME EVER being sponsored for FREE SHEET MASK!!! (Omgeeee!!!)

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia, for this opportunity!! You outta check out their website and subsribe if you haven't. There are fun and exciting stuffs on-going constantly.

Also, a big thank you to My Product Co. for sponsoring 4,000 pieces of My Beauty masks (soooo generous!) for we Butterflies to try on!!

Review; My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask + First Impression
My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask | 25g

I happily received the parcel by Poslaju on 19th of July (last Thursday). In fact, it only took 2 days to reach my hand - as far as I remember it's the fastest experience with the courier service actually (heh).

According to Tammy, the founder of The Butterfly Project, it was originally come in boxes; however, she and the team kinldy removed them to further reduce the weight of the parcel (really thoughtful).

The sheet masks I received are:-
  • Hydrogel Gold Red Ginseng USD$25 x 5 pieces (equivalent to RM100)
  • Hydrogel Gold Ginger USD$25 x 5 pieces (equivalent to RM100)
  • Rice Sheet Mask USD$9 x 3 pieces (equivalent to RM28)
Grand total of 18 pieces of My Beauty sheet masks worth RM228!!! (God bless them)

Review; My Beauty's Sheet Mask

To kick off the sheet mask review, I am starting with their Rice Sheet Mask.

source : The Butterfly Project / My Product Co.

Particularly, rice is known for its brightening and wrinkle improvement effects.

Well of course, you won't be able to see immediate effect by just applying the sheet mask once or occasionally.

So besides that, what are the take-away points?

Review; My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask + First Impression

To mention, My Beauty made the statement saying that their sheet masks are free from 8 harmful skincare ingredients, namely:-
  • Formaldenhyde;
  • Paraben;
  • Sulfate Amine;
  • Mineral Oil;
  • Benzyl Alcohol,
  • Silicone;
  • Coal Tar Dyes; and
  • Animal-Derived Ingredients.

This is considered quite a smart move since consumers nowadays are not only getting more conscious, but also well-read about the harmful ingredients in beauty products. Hence, being transparent and setting your brand under "green label" is definitely getting extra points.

As usual, I will leave sheet masks inside the fridge for at least an hour before applying. It really helps in reducing skin temperature and skin redness. (and relaxing too!)

Once I opened the packet, the artificial fragrance is quite prominent, but not to the extend where it stings or irritates my nose.

The essence is transparent watery type, and it doesn't have much leftover after removing the sheet mask out from the packet.

Review; My Beauty's Rice Sheet Mask + First Impression

Not only I enjoy how thin the sheet mask is (breathable), but also its adhesiveness (face fitting).

What really surprised me was, its ability to keep the coolness from fridge for more than 20 minutes!!!

I left the sheet mask for about 30 minutes and it was still wet when I removed it.

The entire mask experience was both soothing and cooling. For moisturizing wise, I would rate it moderate - no "wow" effect (I don't mind since the selling point is not moisturizing anywayy).


Rating: -first try, won't rate-

Recommend: Normal to oily sin; For those who enjoy thin sheet mask.

Repurchase: Not so soon as I still have 2 more to try on.

For your reference.


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