August 24, 2018

[Food Stall] Lunch @ Efira Cafe & Catering, Centre Point Sabah

Hello everyone! :)

Ever since my previous post on beef noodle soup, I started to crave for sup soto.
A Malay style of beef noodle soup.

Where can you get it when you have a sudden food craving?

Luckily there is this Malay restaurant not far from my workplace.

Efira Cafe & Catering, Centre Point Sabah

Since today is Friday, their cooks will be off for prayers (sembahyang) from 12 noon to 1PM.

I wasn't sure about their off-time, so I came at around 2PM.
Yes, their cooks are back in the kitchen (yay!!)

Finally I ordered a bowl of Bakso, an Indonesian meatball soup, with extra kuey teow.


Bakso Efira Cafe & Catering, Centre Point Sabah

To add more flavours, you can pour some chili water and squeeze a calamansi (limau) into the soup.
No joking. You outta try it yourself to know it ;))

Bottom up bottom up bottom up!!!

This bowl of Bakso only costs me RM7.50.
And finally my food craving is fixed.

That's all for today.
Till the next time!

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