August 8, 2018

[Cafe Hoping] Chilling @ INCH Coffee Bar

Hello everyone! :)

Talking about cafes in KK, there are a tons of them.

When I asked my friend Justine, which is her favourite,
she recommended INCH Coffee Bar.

And here we are today! :D

Address : Taman Perdana, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Operating Hours : 2PM - 11PM (Daily)

It is located inside Perdana Recreational Park.
If you are driving, you are required to pay RM1 entrance fee for per entry.

I haven't been to this place although knowing that it has been here for some time.
(you can tell how indoor-person I am now heh)

A peaceful environment surrounded by nature.
Since it's in a recreational park, you can even see people jogging from the window.

I ordered Rose Milk Tea and a slice of Earl Grey cake to share.

Rose Milk Tea comes in lovely peachy-pink. I would say, very cute.
However, I wasn't quite fond of its flavour in overall. :/ Anyway.

Heard their Earl Grey cake isn't always available.
So yeah, kinda lucky today(?)
It's full of flavour and the crust is cripsy.
Cost RM18 per piece. Does it worth the price? :///

I would love to visit here again soon, perhaps shall order drinks with caffeine. ;)

Sharing with you some shots by Justine.
Do check out her photography IG @filmontheway :DD

Till the next time!

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