August 4, 2018

[Review] Rohto - Lycee Eye Drops (To relieve redness and itchy/watering eyes)

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Do your job requires you to face computer for more than 8 hours? Do your eyes feel dry and appear red (due to capillary ε‘ˆηŽ°θ‘€δΈ)?

If so happen if you are in search of decent eye drops to relieve such symptoms, perhaps you may consider Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops.

Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops
Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops
Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops | 7ml

The first time I came across with this Lycee Eye Drop was on my last visit to Hong Kong. The wall advertisement along the subway station caught me eyes almost instantly, with the caption - reduce redness.

I was having hard times, suffering from eye puffiness and redness ever since started working. Why? Because my job requires me to stare at computer screen - dealing with numbers for at least 8 hours everyday. Apart from that, I also write blog and check phone during off-work time. My eyes are seriously strain and tired (overused T.T). I believe most of us who are living in this millennial can relate to this.

Actually I did came across with Rohto's Cool Eye Drop (blue) earlier.

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I was suspicious of the cooling effect on my first encounter with Rohto's Eye Drop as it certainly highlight the point. Until I tried it myself. SERIOUSLY it is SUPER COOLING! Like ice water! Soooo refreshing at the same time.

Take note. If you are first-time user, it will blow your mind. Apply 1 drop per time in the beginning to let your eyes adapt.

Ever since my first experience with Rohto, I've became more confident with the brand. Which explains why I bought it right away after came across the subway advertisement down in Hong Kong.

The packaging is in sweet pink. If you are not a fan of pink, too bad :')

It was sold at HKD53.90 per box (approx. RM28+).
(p/s: I noticed it was priced at RM59.80 on Lazada; that's absurd guys... :(()

Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye DropsReview; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops

The eye drop comes in a cute diamond packaging, with a cap on it (as below).

Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops

Active Ingredient : Naphazoline Hydrochloride (0.012%)
Functions: To relieve redness, puffiness, and itchy/watering eyes due to colds, allergies, or eye irritations (smog, swimming, or wearing contact lenses).

Preservatives : Benzalkonium Chloride Concentrated Solution 50 (0.01%) and Chlorobutanol (0.1%).

Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops

Caution : For external use only. Not to be used one month after opening. Store in cool place (at or below 25℃), away from sunlight. If solution changes color or becomes cloudy, do not use. If you have glaucoma, do not use this product except under advice and supervision of a doctor. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if: (1) Condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours. (2) Continued redness & irritation of the eyes. (3) Experience eye pain. (4) Changes in vision. Inappropriate overuse may cause more eye redness.

Make sure you check the expiry date before purchase. It is stated at the bottom of the box.

Review; Rohto's Lycee Eye Drops

I very much enjoy using this eye drops. From the packaging to its functions. It does help to relief dryness, itchiness and eventually redness. It feels like my eyes have already adapted to the eye drops and quite rely on it. Could it because my eyes are constantly dry? I don't know (lol)

But when I stop using it after a while, I became lazy to start applying the eye drops again. So the permanent reliant is not exist.

Why it is named after Lycee? I have no idea. Does it smell like one? Not at all. :')

Then why? I'm guessing because their packaging is in sweet pink? :o

Do comment below if you know the reason behind. ;)


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Functional eye drops relief for tired eyes.

Repurchase: Yes and would consider to keep stock as we!

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