August 15, 2018

[Review] BOOM DE AH DAH - Everyday Mask Firming Berry + First Impression

Hello everyone! :)

Today I'm going to share with you my first impression of using this super affordable everyday sheet mask from BOOM DE AH DAH.

Are you ready? :D

Review; BOOM DE AH DAH's Everyday Mask Firming Berry
BOOM DE AH DAH's Berry Everyday Mask Firming | 붐디아다 에브리데이 마스크 베리 | 25g

I did a little research on the brand. And surprisingly on their brand page story, there is just one photo and it explains it all. Check out below.


That's quite a statement. Don't you think?

This brand is originated from South Korea and it believes that cosmetics can be affordable after all.

It pretty explains itself when you find their everyday sheet masks are only RM2 each on Althea!!! Yes, this is not a typo.

This is my first time purchasing from BOOM DE AH DAH and I'm quite excited to try them out.

Why I chose Berry (out of so many choices)? Because it says it's for firming, and I wanted my parents to try out too! It also explains why I bought 3 pieces.

Just to try out how its texture and all before purchasing in bulk.

Review; BOOM DE AH DAH's Everyday Mask Firming Berry

The sheet mask itself is kinda thin and rough at the same time. Immersed fully in clear- watery essence.

Review; BOOM DE AH DAH's Everyday Mask Firming Berry

It does have the noticeable berry-kind-of sweet scent to it.

Apply it on the face and let it sit for 10~20 minutes.

Well the sheet mask adheres on my skin nicely. As you can see, its thin texture allowing my skin underneath to show.

Roughly around 20~25 minutes, the sheet mask starts to dry up. My skin does feel plumped up, but the residue leaves my skin sticky after removing it - which I didn't enjoy that later part.

Perhaps I will give other Everyday Mask choices a try, i.e. aloe or green tea. Those sound more refreshing and light.


Rating: -first try, won't rate-

Recommend: Not highly recommend due to its stickiness afterwards.

Repurchase: No.

For your reference.


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