August 25, 2018

[Review] Jill2 - Aqua Concentrate Cream

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Skincare rule #1 Feed your skin with moisture in every season. Yes, that includes hot days too. Don't skip the moisture step!

I had good experience using Jill2 moisture watery gel cream - 7AM Energizing Morning Cream earlier. I wanted to try different product from them and here I got Aqua Concentrate Cream.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream
Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream | 질투 아쿠아 컨센트레이트 크림 | 70g

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I always wanted to repurchase Jill2 products ever since finishing my first 7AM Energizing Morning Cream. Didn't manage to do that since I have other moisturizing products to clear in the stash.

However when I stumbled upon Althea Korea clearance sale earlier February this year, I didn't blink while adding it into the cart and checked out for RM52.

(p/s: I checked the site today and sadly the whole brand is not available anymore...T.T)

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Very similar to 7AM Energizing Morning Cream, this moisturizing cream comes in watery gel form, which is my go-to type. Only Aqua Concentrate Cream appears bluish, giving the aqua calming impression.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Watery gel meaning to say is the type which it quickly break down and melts once you applied it onto the skin. It is easier for the skin to absorb moisture without forming a layer of "cream" which sits on top of the skin. Usually this type of moisturizers are likeable among those who are having normal to oily skin type because less likely to give breakout.

The Aqua Concentrate Cream comes in sturdy glass packaging, giving it a classy touch. I love to see it being display on my vanity table.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Since it has no SPF value, this moisturizing cream is usable in both morning and night routine.

I am including it into my morning routine just right after toner.

Toner > Aqua Concentrate Cream > SPF

To use, simply grab some and apply it directly on the skin.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

As you can see, it melts into a squishy chok-chok moisture layer on the skin.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

But don't worry, by rubbing and tapping motion, it will be absorbed into the skin in no time!.. Leaving your skin silky soft and moistured.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream

Just opened for one month and I am already finishing it!! I use it religiously on every morning and I am very happy about it - how it keeps my skin moist for the whole day while not breaking me out and cooperate nicely with other skincare products.

Definitely will recommend to those who have combination skin type as me and who loves watery gel cream.

But if you're looking for functional skincare products, perhaps this might not be the choice.

Review; Jill2's Aqua Concentrate Cream


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes highly recommend

Repurchase: Highly possible and I will continue to shop from the brand

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