August 9, 2018

Hyeon's Beauty Diary 3rd Anniversary!

Hello everyone! :))

Today is a special day..πŸ’– 9th of August.
It's Hyeon's Beauty Diary's 3rd Anniversary!!


Maintaining this #HBD corner has always been my motivation to learn new things.
For instance, designing webpage, engaging with other fellow bloggers and etc.
One of the biggest challenge was to put myself out as I'm a shy person.

I won't call myself a beauty blogger, you see.
But rather, an enthusiastic beauty shopper who like to share her little findings.

Many things have happened in the past year and I just want to say that
I am very grateful to have you all by my side.
My family. My friends.
My readers. My lovely soulmates.

Whilst the world is way to big for us to conquer,
let's encourage one another to take courage and move on.
Carefully grow your interest and keep it going.

No, I don't know where does this little interest of mine will lead me to;
but I try to think of the bright side,
which is moving forward slowly is better than not moving at all.

That's what I would like to tell myself.
Moving forward to the fourth year,
I hope that I could take courage in learning new things and meeting new friends,
and ultimately being a better person than I am now.
Not only in wisdom, but also personalities.

Thank you and please continue to show love and supportπŸ’–




Question : 
"Should I do a birthday giveaway?"

Lemme know in the comment box below. :))


  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary, Dear! Here's to more beauty discovery in the future!

    P.S.: you should definitely do a giveaway although you'll be needing a proper audience for it. Good luck!

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