August 17, 2018

[Restaurant] Food Tasting Review @ Zing Restaurant & Bar

Hello everyone! :))

As the title reads, I was thrilled and felt honored to be part of the food tasting review at our newly opened restaurant in town - Zing Restaurant & Bar!

Food Tasting Review @ Zing Restaurant & Bar
Zing Restautant & Bar

Address : Aramaiti Street Walk, Imago Shopping Mall.
(same row as Souled Out)

Operating Hours : 10am-1am (Daily)

Local and Western cuisine.

Serve no pork.

A big shout out to the organizer - Zing Restaurant & Bar,
as well as, Meitzeu @ Adele, whom I just met from KK Influencer Community!
Thank you so much for having me that night! :D

You know that I'm not a food blogger, but yeah randomly posting cafe hoping, that's still ok.
The truth is, Myra from @myrabeautydiary encouraged me to write up.
Thanks girl~ This is for you 

Let's jump right into what had happened during the food tasting event.

Time : 6PM to 9PM (3 hours)

Media, publishers as well as bloggers were invited to this food tasting event.
It's sorta like a preview to their GRAND OPENING on coming Saturday (18/8/2018).

I sat with fellow local publishers and bloggers on the same table which I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. :') Butterflies in my tummy (heh)

William and Vyone from @borneo360
Stephanie from @breezemagazine
Henry from @eatnhopsabah
Fay @fayfm89
Agnes @__agnesyong
Geraldine @wanyyg

First thing first, we were served with apple cider once seated.
What makes this restaurant & bar special is their choice of apple cider.

As we are quite familiar with Somersby and Apple Fox by now,
they brought in Heineken apple cider Strongbow into the local market.

Supposedly Strongbow apple cider has a milder(?) alcohol taste which is love among ladies.
Shall we give it a shot? Sure!

Food Tasting Review @ Zing Restaurant & Bar
Strongbow Apple Cider (plain)

You can either have it plain, or cocktails.

Source : Eat n Hop Sabah

I had a glass of plain apple cider, a glass of Pina Colada and a glass of fruit punch (with watermelon).

Pina Colada

Yes, they don't have the strong alcohol taste, which is smooth to drink. (I've tried it myself)
Looks like they are really targeting female customers (heh). Which is good.
For instance sometimes we like to have some girl-hang out, but we don't want to be too drunk.
Now you know where to go HH? (a.k.a. Happy Hour) :D

Basically there was no specific flow in food serving.
We can ordered all what we wanted to try, freely.

Eventually we mutually agreed to order one serving for each dish and share among the table.
This way we are able to try the most out of it without being overeat.

Let's check out the dishes.

Starts from small bites / appetizers.

- Nachos -

Big serving. Definitely goes well with apple cider.
Girls take note ;))

- Spring Rolls -

Nicely cooked in golden brown.
If I remember correctly, it's fish cake filling(?).
Good choice for small bites.

- Spicy Drumlets with Curry Leaves -

The spicy kick is really there. 
Syok juga!

- Korean Spiced Chicken -

I didn't get to try out this dish.
Do let me know how does it taste if you tried. :))

- Beef Satay / Chicken Satay-

I only snapped photo for the beef satay actually.
Both beef and chicken are nice tender, meaty and juicy.
It made me soooo happy after eating it! Truly satisfied.. :9

- Ceaser Salad -

Eat green? Try out their freshly made salad to neutralize your taste.

Moving to main dishes.

- Beef Steak-


Did you ordered beef steak?
There is a "pepper sprinkling" performance included.
Check it out (lol)

-  Chef's Recommendation Beef Ribs-

This demands a close up. I mean seriously.
Everything about this dish is on point!
The meat just falls off from the ribs neatly... and stripes... oohhh
Take my money (but I hope it's not too pricy thou :'))

- Salted Egg Yolk Rice-

This is another classic local food selection.
The salted egg yolk and rice combination is perfecto!
I think my dad should love this very much :99

Last but certainly not the least, desserts!!
Sweet trap alert!!!

- Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake -

At first, we thought it was teh tarik. :')
Turned out it was Thai Milk Tea. No wonder it's so thick in flavour!
If you like it more moist, pour on more of the Thai Milk Tea!
Soft indulgence moi..

- Tiramisu (*contains alcohol)-

Frankly speaking, I'm not so much of a sweet tooth person.
But this is one of those desserts which melt down my walls....
Like seriously.
This is the kind of dessert you would dipping into it until the very last scoop unknowingly.

Diet says who? Muahahaha XP

- Three-tier English High Tea -

The ultimate dream dessert set.

Let's break it down tier by tier.

On the very top, there are strawberry scones and what's that called in the middle? (heh)
I'm thinking strawberry yogurt(?), but I didn't get to try it.
And also colourful macaroons.

On the middle tier, we have mini charcoal buns and more scones!

I didn't get to try the charcoal buns, but the plain scones are ok.
It goes with the cream dip.

The last tier we have local desserts.

FYI, I'm a seri muka lover!! The one kuih on the top and sticky rice at the bottom.
I love their creativity on using blue sticky rice as the twist,
which looks absolutely appealing.

Speaking of the food, taste, quality and appearance are there.
I can't remember the price, but it's at the middle to high range, depending on the food.

To note, the ambiance is comfortable too!
They play jazz and relaxing background music all the time.
You can either sit at the bar, the indoor dining tables, or outdoors.

Check out bloggers at work! (below)

These are passionate food bloggers, genuinely love to talk about food. Truly salute them.

I've posted this on my Instagram story that night.
Anyway I'm going to repost it here.

Meet Emmitchel and Geraldine!! :))

Aren't they lovely?
They both maintain lifestyle blogs. Do check out their IG for more info!

Didn't get to talk more that night as I was quite shyy to start a conversation (>_<!!)
Please forgive my social awkwardness....

Overall, it was a magical night for me.
It happened too fast and it's so overwhelming.
First time joining bloggers event, meeting new people, having free foods, etc...

Thank you so much for dropping by my (rare) food post.
I hope you enjoyed what you read.

Till the next time.
Cheers! ^-^


  1. I've personally never met a food blogger before; that should be fun! Seems that you guys were having great time and I love all the photos you took here, dear! Cheers to more cafe hopping!

    1. Thanks Myra dear! Am looking forward to our cafe hoping soonnn! :))

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  3. Hi Sakura! Aaah too bad I didn't got the chance lah to taste the seri muka...too kenyang already haha! Nice meeting u again and hope to see you if got makan2 lagi or any other event hihi


    1. Yeah that was a lot that night :') Hope to see you in future events! Can't wait :))


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