October 3, 2018

[Review] SNP - Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

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A big shout out to my Insta-and-now-real-life friend, Myra. We managed to meet up recently and she is super-informative about skincare and makeup stuffs (check out her blog www.myrabeautydiary.com)!

It's such a pleasure to do shopping with her, especially she personally had tried on soooo many sheet masks (you should check out her IG @myrabeautydiary to see her collection). and she hand-picked this sheet mask for me to try.

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut
SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask - Coconut | 25ml

Previously I had experience with SNP's sheet mask and I really love their Bird's Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask. Because of this, I am super excited to try on other sheet masks under the brand.

The first thing I noticed is their packaging. The outside packaging is made of thick paper-like material which gave an impression of high-end product packaging.

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

From the product description, it's written that the sheet mask contains 500mg of Coconut Extract. It quite excites me as we don't usually see this fruit being widely advertise in skincare industry (besides coconut virgin oil).

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

"Moisture Mask to deliver intensive moisture for soft and vibrant skin." -SNP. 

If you are a person who fancy santan (coconut milk in Malay), you would love this. Why? Because it reminds me INSTANTLY when I opened the packet.

I am a person who loves santan actually. I love the smell. Perfect for desserts. I was surprised by the fragrance, so you can tell that I'm not much annoyed by the fragrance, for this case. :')

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

The essence is transparent and just in the right texture which I enjoy (below), not too watery (not dripping) and not thick (not as if like cream-type).

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

The sheet mask itself reminds me of gauze-like texture. It's slightly rougher than cotton sheet mask of course, but it's still gentle to use on face.

Review; SNP's Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask Coconut

Perhaps because of its gauze-like texture, the sheet mask is not as stretchable and flexible, so you can find the edges here and there. However, the sheet mask is able to cling / well-adhesive on the skin. Like a thin layer wrapping around your skin.

After the intense moisture masking, I can instantly feel the moisture being restored back to my skin. It does feel a bit sticky on the surface (after removing the sheet mask and during the remaining essence being left on the skin surface), but the feeling quickly went away after it being fully immersed into the skin.

For me, this particular moisture essence is just my type. It can definitely serves as a moisture S.O.S. to hydrate my skin from inside out instantly, and at the same time not being too rich and thick (too overwhelming in the sense) until it suffocate my skin.

This product is available at Sasa Malaysia.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Highly possible

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