October 15, 2018

[Cafe Hoping] With Myra @ October Coffee House, Latitude 6

Myra is a beauty blogger whom I met on Instagram earlier this year.

Despite the fact that she blogs about beauty stuffs most of the time,
she is very much into cafe-hoping too! (fun fact) ☕

October Coffee House is a good place to start for our cafe-hoping journey.
I am always fond of this cafe because of its name "October".
Cute and easy to remember.

Cafe hoping @ October Coffee House, Latitude 6
Cafe latte

Of course there are much more reasons to love this cafe.
It serves aroma coffee and its environment is very "gathering-friendly".
Nice and cozy.

Actually this is the second time I met up with Myra.
First we went to the newly opened Sephora Suria
and Myra showed me "a whole new world" about skincare and cosmetics.

Myra has been blogging on beauty products for more than 5 years now,
she is EXCEPTIONAL knowledgeable, both Korean and European brands,
and I just had the feeling that she is a "walking beauty dictionary"! Seriously..
Feel free to check out her blog myrabeautydiary.com

We spent the afternoon mainly discussing on skincare and beauty stuffs (as expected heh).
From sheet masks, to product ingredients, to our blog / IG plans for the coming up months...
You can definitely expect collaboration in the near future!

As I was saying that I'm into Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum,
much to my surprise, Myra kindly offered me her stash and also gave me some freebies too!

Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum and My Real Squeeze Mask (Green Tea), Laneige's BB Cushion (Whitening) SPF50+ PA+++ No.23 Sand (trial)

  • Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml
  • Innisfree's My Real Squeeze Mask (Green Tea)
  • Laneige's BB Cushion (Whitening) SPF50+ PA+++ No. 23 Sand (trial)

Can't wait to try them out asap!!!

It was such a lovely and fruitful gathering!

Do stay tuned for our first collaboration soon!
(psst it will be on sheet masks, for sure 😜)

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