October 20, 2018

[Restaurant] Atas dinner @ Laundrolux

Despite I have been here several times for lunch,
it is my first dinner here at Laundrolux, Api-Api Centre.
So excited for tonight's dinner!!

Atas dinner @ Laundrolux

- Address : 3, Lorong Api - Api 1, Api-api Centre, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
- Operating Hours : 10:30AM - 2:30PM, 6PM - 10:30PM
- Contact : 011-5182 5661

In fact, it is meant to be the joined birthday dinner for mum and meeee :3
Spent by my dad (heh).

Apparently, they serve different menus at different hours.
Didn't see anything from the lunch menu appears in tonight's dinner menu.

When we are done with ordering,
the staff served us with hot buns, potato and tomato buns respectively,
going in with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Appetizer @ Laundrolux

Particularly, it is my first time tasting bun made of tomatoes.
That's quite interesting.
Both texture of potato and tomato buns feel the same, only the taste.
But neither one has overpowering taste.
I enjoyed the taste of warm homely food.

We are accompanied with soothing music while waiting for the mains to be served.
It did took quite a while, but I guess good food worth the wait??

- Pan Seared Salmon served with fresh salad and tartar sauce-

Pan-Seared Salmon @ Laundrolux

Pan-Seared Salmon @ Laundrolux

Pan-Seared Salmon @ Laundrolux

You can taste the freshness of the salmon!
Everything is cooked just nice, especially the salmon fish skin.
If I must say, the salmon meat itself is little bit dry (not juicy enough),
but it can be compliment by eating with the sauce.
Not enough sauce? You can always ask for more.

- Australian Grass Fed Sirloin served with asparagus and mashed potato -

Australian Grass Fed Sirloin @ Laundrolux

Australian Grass Fed Sirloin @ Laundrolux

Australian Grass Fed Sirloin @ Laundrolux

Cooked medium to well, this could be the best sirloin I ever had (so far)!!!
Even now I'm looking at this while penning down my blog post,
I'm drooling inside (gawwww)...

So good, so tender, so fresh.
Every component of this dish compliments each other.
Well, it does come in a higher price tag, but definitely worth the try!!!
100% recommend!!

Overall my dining experience here is 7/10.
Why? Actually we have ordered another main and dessert too.
But they were just so-so, compared to the earlier dishes aforementioned.
Particularly, the Sago with Gula Melaka was so disappointing;
I tried them before in the lunch set menu, so I can tell it's different.

Thank papa for the birthday dinner treat!!!
What a blissful night with fam~

Have you been here before?
What do you think about the food here?

Anything you recommend that I should try?
Lemme know in the comment box below.

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