October 14, 2018

Oct 13 My first ever eyelash extension experience

What's up October? :D

It's my birthday month, so I'm thinking of pampering myself with an eyelash extension beauty session. Well, we are always about being fabulous, aren't we? :p

Le Boutique, Wisma Sabah

Continue to read on and there's an awesome offer disclosed in the end of this post. ;)

The beauty salon I went to for eyelash extension was Le Boutique.

Le Boutique, Wisma Sabah

- Address : 1 , 1-25 , Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen , 88000 Kota Kinabalu , Sabah.
- Direction : Located inside Wisma Sabah. Take the central lift to Level 1. You should see the salon on your left.
- Operating Hours : 9:30AM - 6:30PM (Mon-Sat); by appointment (Sun/PH)
- Contact : 011-1603 3311 / 088-262 820

Actually my church friend Sophia recommended this place since she just did her eyelash extension at this very beauty salon. The power of word-of-mouth. Best marketing.

Today I'm here with Cong Min. If you have read my travel journals to South Korea, perhaps you can recognize her straight away! 😉

I didn't manage to take much photos since we were late to our appointment. 😅

Hence, I might as well pen it in short story and hopefully will give you an idea what's happening in there. 😃😃😃

We booked for appointment via whatsapp and the staff diligently arranged our booking and with patience (note that we changed our booking date in between).

At last the appointment is set on 13 Oct @ 1.30PM.

Today was a rainy day. Last minute I asked Cong Min to carpool and picked her up at her office.

We parked the car at Wisma Merdeka and walked across the road to Wisma Sabah. In fact, Wisma Sabah does hold parking lots inside, but we are just unfamiliar with the building, that's why.

Arrived the salon at about 1.45PM, we were led to the "beauty room" right away.

There are 2 beauticians attending us, meaning to say we can get our eyelash extension done at the same time! Awesome!

The beauticians told us that they are using 12mm C-curl lashes to do our eyelash extension. Cool, never had I did anything like that before, everything is just fine, so long the result is observable.

The whole session took about 1 and a 1/2 hour to complete.

I was briefed earlier that one might experience eye pain or itchiness during and after the session due to the glue (used for sticking the extensions to our own lashes). So I was mentally-prepared for this.

However, my eyes are quite sensitive to external irritation and tears just came off my eyes unconsciously and uncontrollably. It was still bearable as long as I keep my eyes shut tightly.

Here's the before and after.

The result is AMAZINGGGG!!🤩

Although the lashes are soft when I touch them with my fingers, my eyes do feel otherwise. All eye muscles are put to work to lift up fuller and heavier lashes.. heh!

These eyelash extensions definitely is incomparable to our own natural lashes, and my eyes are not taking them well for the first 10 minutes once it was done. My eyes are red and I can't help tearing. But it's okay because it slowly got used to it.

There are just one week more to my birth date. I just wish that it could last until then...

So probably you're more curious on one thing... the price perhaps?

That's the best part because I'm telling you that Le Boutique is having promo price RM88 for 2 pax!!! This awesome deal ends in October 2018.

Don't say bojio ah! Unleash your lashes now!!

p/s: this blog post is not sponsored by any party. purely my personal sharing.

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