October 18, 2018

[Review] Itibiti - Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression

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For those who have followed me, probably you've already seen this post about me sharing my first impression on Itibiti's Yogurt Mask.

Review; itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression
itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack | 이티비티 μš”κ΅¬λ₯΄νŠΈ 마슀크 팩 | 25 ml

Haven't come across that? No worries! Scroll down to read on my story!

Last night I've tried out Itibiti's Yogurt Mask. Never had I heard or purchased from this brand before, and the sole reason why I bought is because the packaging is too cute to resist. πŸ˜‚

Review; itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression

With major ingredients, such as Lemon peel fermentation extract, Pomegranate fermentation extract, Apple extract, Adenosine, Green tea extract, Aloe vera leaf extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, this sheet mask is aimed for skin moisturising and nourishing.

Once I opened the packet, an inevitable sweet candy scent is observed 🍬 It reminds me of those lactose yogurt candy.

Review; itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression

The sheet mask is immersed in transparent thick essence. Feels like the essence got coagulated or what.

Review; itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression

Particularly I was having a hard time separating the sheet mask before applying it onto the face. The texture of the sheet mask is thin and highly stretchable.. Some more the coagulated essence... And when you add them both together --- I can only say, it was a disaster. πŸ˜‘ My sheet mask is totally distorted and out of shape.. You can tell the eye holes shouldn't be that big, right?

Review; itibiti's Yogurt Mask Pack + First Impression

Well in terms of delivery its functions, it does delivered the moisturising and nourishing effect nicely within 20 masking time.

However the fact that my sheet mask was seriously distorted, I would say it is a total NAY, considering there are so many decent options out there in the market.

I bought this product on Althea for RM8. (this product is no longer available on the website as I'm writing this)

Nonetheless, if you would like to try out this sheet mask, you can find it on Amazon and Shoppee (non-affiliated links)


Rating: -first try, won't rate-

Recommend: No

Repurchase: Not likely

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