October 13, 2018

[Review] LaF - Water Bomb Ampoule

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We all know that we human need to consume at least 8 glasses of water to fill the quench within. But most of us (busy working people) fail to do so (I'm one of those T.T).

About skincare, we tend to talk A LOT on hydrating our skin, keeping it moist and supple at all time. Why? It is crucial because it is the FOUNDATION of skincare before you tackle on other aspects, (i.e. acne, whitening, anti-aging and so on).

Review; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule
LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule | 라프 워터밤 앰플 | 30ml / 1.0 fl. oz.

Read on to join me on exploring new moisture ampoule in town and find out whether it fills my skin inner thirst. :)

As age is taking over, I do noticed that some products which I've been using in the past don't meet my skin's quenching need anymore. That's the nature law and we have to obey it. :')

The opportunity came in just in time as I was in the search for the next moisture product.

A BIG SHOUTOUT to The Butterfly Project for hosting the "Caterpillar's Beauty Class" in collaboration with LaF a.k.a Lost and Found. Interesting face is, the brand name is pronounced as "laf" (very similar as you pronounce "laugh") :D


At the moment, there are three (3) product lines under the brand:

  • LaF London line;
  • LaF Seoul line; and
  • LaF Adverture Time line.

LaF x Adventure Time collaboration
source : LaF Official Website

Adventure Time characters
source : LaF Official Website

Basically, LaF's Adventure Time line offer the same ampoule line (the Skin 7 Solution ampoule line) fond in London series.

LaF London line
source : LaF Official Website

And there is Seoul line which is focusing more on pore care with the use of tea tree oil, but at the same time also repackaged 3 of their highly-requested ampoule from its London line. (I understand how confusing it is right now, anyway let's get going. :'))


Today we will be talking about the Water Bomb Ampoule from LaF's Seoul line. Just to mention, there are two other variants under the same product line, which are Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle respectively.

source : LaF Official Website

"With Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water to provide intense moisture to the skin, Water Bomb Ampoule will not only calm down sensitive skin, but also maintain the moisture level for the whole day." -LaF.

source : LaF Official Website

source : LaF Official Website

The ampoule comes in sturdy glass packaging. It is transparent, so you can tell how much product you have left in the bottle.

Review; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule

A few sections of product description is printed in Korean white font, which is not well-captured by my phone camera (sorreyy). Basically it talks about product usage and other manufacturing facts.

Review; LaF's Water Bomb AmpouleReview; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule

Don't worry. I will breakdown to you in English. ;)

It's very simple to use. Firstly, take an appropriate amount of the ampoule and apply to cleansed skin. Then tap gently to help absorption.

Review; LaF's Water Bomb AmpouleReview; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule

Review; LaF's Water Bomb AmpouleReview; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule

The ampoule does come in a runny-jelly like texture. Almost like the texture of real aloe vera (right from the plant), but only softer and full of watery essence.

It's very easy to spread across, as you can tell. Also, it has this cooling effect once the ampoule touches the skin, not too strong or tingling.

Review; LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule

There is a subtle aloe vera scent as its main ingredient is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water. You reckon the scent of aloe vera gel? That's the scent you will find in this ampoule. It's not overpowering, but rather relaxing.

Gently tap it unto the skin really helps for better absorption! :)

It does have this slight sticky-feeling after the ampoule being fully immersed into the skin. That's our skin cell being squishy after feeding it with moisture.

Personally I think applying one layer of LaF's Water Bomb Ampoule is not enough to fill the inner quench. For me, I would prefer applying at least 2 layers of the ampoule and seal it with a moisture cream - to last the whole day (as I'm pretty lazy in reapplying product or even misting).

This product is available on Guardian Malaysia for retail price RM47++. Check out their entire product line here. (non-affiliated link)


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: For oily skin type. Would recommend for teen skincare.

Repurchase: Less likely.

For your reference.


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