February 5, 2019

Jan 19 BTS Love Yourself World Tour Concert at Singapore

안녕하세요 여러분~!

It's been two weeks since BTS' Love Yourself World Tour Concert at Singapore.
I thought of journal down the whole day event for myself to remember this day.

Hope you enjoy what you're going to read,
whether you are an ARMY (BTS' fan) or not.

If you have been to BTS' concerts before,
perhaps you can share with me your experience in the comment box below.
I'll love to read them! :)

If you haven't been to one,
maybe this could serves as a guideline,
or to show you an idea on the rundown (roughly).
Then you can have an upper hand on your upcoming concerts! :D

Let's get STARTED~!

Woke up and get ready.

Left condominium.
Took bus to Singapore National Stadium.

Arrived at Singapore National Stadium.

Official merchandise counter opens.
Initially we thought of queuing for official merchandise,
but we gave up the idea almost instantly when we saw the queue line.
I swear there were a good 1,000 people on the line. :x

Lesson of the day:
If you want to get official merchandise,
you must at least reach there MUCH EARLIER before counter opens.
Or even, stay over the night before,
but it's strongly not recommended by the event organizer.

Accidentally I saw people without lining up get to enter the hall which sells official merchandise, so I followed them.

At the end I found out that was an express line for those who want to purchase ARMY BOMB (BTS official lightstick) ONLY, which was a good news for me since the only merchandise I wanted was that. :DD

Every person who lined up is limited to purchase two (2) ARMY BOMBs ONLY at a time.
You can either choose to pay by cash or credit card.
Of course, in local currency.
The price of official merchandises will be all listed down and posted out like a week before the concert.
Do check out both BTS Official Facebook Account or local event organizer's account for more info.

Here I got ARMY BOMBs for Kee and myself.
Official Light Stick Ver.3 for SGD55 each.

It requires three (3) AAA batteries.
Batteries are also available at the counter.
If you don't have them, just purchase them on the spot.

Little did I knew, Big Hit Entertainment has prepared loads of ARMY BOMBs!
For sure, everyone can get one. HAHAHA

Lined up to take photos with the giant BTS Love Yourself backdrop.

For this, we actually lined up for a good 1 hour.
(can you imagine?)

After a long search, we found the lamp posts with BTS' members buntings.
They were right in front of the national stadium's main entrance.
Since the stadium is in the shape of a sphere, we went one round then only found it (heh).

To much of our disappointment, every member was only featured once,
hence the line was very short. :(
You will be at the end of the line before you realized.

Why not putting their buntings all around the stadium?
Why not, Big Hit???

Entrance time.
All are required to queue at respective gates according to queue sequence (printed on the concert ticket).

If one fails to queue on the line before 2PM, the queue sequence will be invalid.
 Then he / she has to wait for all those who had queued to enter the hall first,
and only allowed to enter after 5PM.
Basically that's how the queue number works.

And the endless waiting time begins...

Here were us, Yvonne and I at the Red 1 Gate 1, waiting.

And there was Shane, who was waiting at Yellow 2.

And Kee who was waiting at Red 2.

Jungkook head started test mic session with his solo song, "Euphoria".
We all outside heard and went crazy, but couldn't see anything.
Only those lucky ones (from Purple and Yellow Zone), with their queue numbers picked randomly beforehand, were able to enter the hall and watch the rehearsal.

It lasted for about 5 to 8 minutes and we heard no more from Jungkook.

The group on rehearsal.
They sang "IDOL" and did some interactions with the lucky fans inside.
J-Hope even recorded a snippet from the rehearsal and uploaded on their official Twitter account.

The rehearsal lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Back to silent waiting time...

Finally it's time to enter the stadium!

While waiting, there were BTS' music videos showing on loop mode on the big screens.

We were one of the first few groups to enter the stadium,
and we were so hyped up, so we sang along the music videos.

When all the music videos played once,
I kinda felt bored at this point, honestly. :/
Having said that we didn't have proper meal for the day.
(p/s: the security made us threw our bottle drinks and snacks before entering the stadium rrr)

Thirsty and hungry.
At a point, I don't even know whether I could made it till the end. :s

However, the hype was well maintained,
while crowds were coming in and fill the stadium gradually.

Twenty minutes more until the concert starts.
"Can't wait till it's over." HAHAHA
Literally that was what in my head at this point.

So grateful to have Yvonne, my friend, to support each other.

Why isn't anything happening yet???

Apparently they were late... and I don't know why. :s


Apparently, BTS has three sets of concert song list for their Love Yourself World Tour.
The song lists are pretty much the same, except for the title medley (song #12 to #16).

I searched online and retrieved the song list we had in Singapore that night.

No. | Song | Performed By Group (otherwise stated)
2. Save Me
3. I'm Fine
4. Magic Shop
5. Trivia 起: Just Dance (J-Hope)
6. Euphoria (Jungkook)
7. I Need U
8. Run
9. Serendipity (Jimin)
10. Trivia 承: Love (RM)
11. DNA
12. Boyz with Fun
13. Attack on Bangtan
14. Fire
15. Silver Spoon
16. Dope
17. Airplane Pt.2
18. Singularity (V)
19. Fake Love
20. Trivia 转: Seesaw (SUGA)
21. Epiphany (Jin)
22. The Truth Untold (Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook)
23. Outro: Tear (RM, SUGA and J-Hope)
24. MIC Drop
25. So What
26. Anpanman
27. Answer 结: Love Myself

**Spoiler Alert**
BTS made a fake ending after they performed MIC Drop.
We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes until they reappeared on stage.
Guys, just wait patiently and shout their names persistently. :))

Concert ended.

We took MRT back before it's too late as the public transport operates until a certain hour.


Too many words to read?

I've made a vlog on YouTube and it was recorded before the concert.
And there are snippets from the concert itself.
So called FAN-CAM.



Q: What's the most memorable thing / moment during the concert?
The entire atmosphere. Being in a concert is completely different from watching online.
Not only the set were awesome, the artwork, media, sound system, etc...
In addition to BTS' enthusiastic, it's like a music carnival, specially made for ARMY.

Q: Does it worth the attend BTS' concert?
I would say, if possible, do purchase directly through official websites / event organizer.
Or if you're lucky enough to grab the tickets. It's tough, I know.
For our case, we bought it from a friend's friend,
my Red Zone ticket was RM1.2k (approx. USD300).
Officially it was sold for SGD300+, so it was about RM800+.
A huge difference, I would say. :s

Despite monetary value, I would definitely say it's worth to attend BTS' concert,
at least once in this lifetime. :p
It's phenomenal. Where you meet people who share same interest and sings along together.

Q: What you will do differently if time could be reversed?
I wouldn't be there so early... :')
Might as well just be there right before the cut off time for queuing.

Q: What would you advice for people who are planning to go for BTS' concert?
Stay hydrated. Keep warm. Wear comfortable.
Keep snacks / small bites (if possible).
Be friendly. Be opportunistic.
If you're unsure, don't be afraid to ask around. :)


Did I miss anything?
Drop me a comment below and I'll be happy to answer at my best understanding. :))

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