February 28, 2019

Braces Journey Week 1 My Braces Diary - Get Started!

Hello everyone! :3

I know you might be confused at this point.. that's because I didn't spill a word before this. :x

As you read the title, if you're interested to know more,
let's embark this braces journey as I will update you along the way! :D

Yes, literally I didn't tell anyone, excepts my parents.
But actually, this has been in my mind for years, since university.
Just then I was very much hesitate due to money, time and commitment.

When I finished university and I came back to my hometown,
I thought I should go for it.
That was three years ago.
At that time, my younger sister, who started her study in Kuala Lumpur,
then (firmly) decided to do her braces at her medical university.
Since she is the university's current student, so she got it for a much cheaper price.

Then I thought, "nah", maybe I might move to another city to work,
so better not to commit myself now.

Three years went passed.
My sister has already got her braces removed.
And here am I. ;___;

I must say, what a waste of time.
That's honestly how I'm feeling right now.
And I do hate my procrastinating character. :x

It's new year, and I asked myself,
"do you really want this?"


I tried to clear my food list before getting the braces...
Banana leaf rice.. Wan tan ho... Boba milk tea... Lots of kinds of meats...

Just before I changed my mind (again),
I made an appointment with Dr. Jonathan on last Thursday.
He is one of the panel dentists at Dental Clinic Dr. Roland Chia.
(side note: my mum got her teeth fixed by Dr. Jo. she said he was really gentle,
so she highly recommend him :p)

I did two X-rays on the first appointment.
One to check if my wisdom teeth are still intact,
another to see my teeth current layout.

Well, all my wisdom teeth have already been removed years ago.
Not to worry now.

Even comforting news is,
Dr. Jo said I don't need further tooth extraction (remove tooth).
I really really really want to keep all my teeth. That's my baseline.
So I am really happy to hear that I can keep all of them.

Quick enough, one week later,
today I got my braces for the upper row.

I took half day off from work, and went to the dental clinic by myself.
(yes, Imma big girl now :p)

Since I want to journal down this journey,
I asked the nurse to help me to take photos. :3

The whole treatment, including scaling, took about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Dr. Jo jokingly commented that my teeth are very small to his assistant nurses beside.
I know he is trying to distract my focus, to bring down anxiety.

Does it hurt during the process?
It would be a lie if I answer "no" to this question.
It's more like a discomfort kind of feeling,
since there are something going on inside my mouth.

This is Day 0.

This is Day 1. With braces on.

Once the braces is on, it feels okay.
Not much of discomfort actually... as I was thinking inside, naively (heh).

Well the "goodness" is just about to come...


  1. oh my! This is indeed surprising but I'm excited for you! 3 years will pass by before you'd know it!

    Myra | The Grey Lines Between

    1. Surprise! HAHAHA thank you for your kind words! Really need it~ :')

  2. Honestly, I'm very afraid of the dentist. Maybe I need to use braces too because my tooth structure is also messy.

    1. I'm afraid of dentist too T^T Thankfully my dentist is a fun guy as he tries to keep the atmosphere lively :)

      Rosaline dear, if you really want to do braces, I would say do it asap. Don't wait like me.. Wasted for years :') Make an appointment and consult your dentist. Perhaps yours will take around 1 1/2 years to complete, or less. Who knows!

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