February 9, 2019

[Itinerary] Singapore 4D3N Budget Trip 2019

Singapore 4D3N Budget Trip 2019


If you noticed, I did a very brief travel journal for our recent Singapore trip,
only mentioning a few place of interest, which I thought would be interesting to share.

Our budget for this trip is less than SGD300 per pax,
excluding expenses on Day 2 (concert day).

We booked our stay with Airbnb, but our host prefers rather not to be mentioned.
It's around SGD100 per pax for 3 nights. Definitely cheaper than sleeping in hotels.

Here's an itinerary of our Singapore trip.
Hope it can serves as a rough idea on planning your upcoming trip! :)

*Disclaimer: The entire trip was out of our own pocket. Journal the travelling experience down will help me personally to remember things better. All information (i.e. prices, availability of item on aforementioned menu and etc.) posted here is accurate at the time of our travelling period. All photos are taken by the author, unless stated otherwise.

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