February 27, 2019

[Monthly Project] #29 Beauty Cottage Haul at Terminal 21, Thailand

Monthly Project (February 2019)

#29 Beauty Cottage Haul at Terminal 21, Thailand

Shopping during travelling is unavoidable! To be honest, I was looking forward to this trip to Thailand mostly because of this. Beauty Cottage haul - let's go! ;)

Beauty Cottage Haul at Terminal 21, Thailand

Beauty Cottage is a local beauty brand. Yes, made in Thailand. You mustn't miss the opportunity to check out their stores when you're here.

In the earlier post, I shared a review on their Elegant Impressionist Semi-Matte Lipstick. (here) That was my first experience of the brand. My friend, Emmy, highly recommend me to try it, and that's why I got it.

The physical store I went was the one located inside Terminal 21. It's on the third floor. Despite I'm the one in my family who has good sense in direction, but it took me quite some time to be able to locate the store's exact location. SO MANY SHOPS there and it's like a maze to me (heh).

Since we went with travel guides, so we were given a limited shopping time -  2 hours. Once I found the store, I tried to glance through everything before checking out.

Are you curious what I bought from this haul? :3 Read on.

Monthly Project; Beauty Cottage Haul

Spot anything you're familiar with? :3

Monthly Project; Beauty Cottage Haul

Then they were having special promotion on the Elegant Impressionist Semi-Matte Lipstick. Yes, it's the lipstick which I bought earlier. The promotion was "buy 2 free 1". I was confused because I thought it means "buy 2 lipsticks free 1 lipstick". In fact by that they mean "buy 2 lipstick and free 1 cleansing water". (whuttt?)

Surprisingly the staff who approached me knows simple Chinese. She explained to me in simple Chinese, which makes the whole conversation so much easier.

Here's the list of products which I bought and the price:-

🔸Elegant Impressionist Semi-Matte Lipstick (No. 9, No. 17, No. 23) | ฿276 | approx. RM35
🔸Soda Pore Minimize Cleansing Form | 120ml | ฿195 | approx. RM25
🔸Licorice & Mulberry Natural White Radiance Eye Cream | 15ml | ฿159 | approx. RM20
🔸Aloe Vera Purifying Moisturising Cleansing Water | 100ml | ฿125 | approx. RM16
🔸Eye Colour Brush | ฿160 | approx. RM20
🔸Blender Brush | ฿155 | approx. RM20
🔸Pink Peacock Tin Gift Box | FOC

GRAND TOTAL of ฿1,647.50 | approx. RM210

To note, the eye cream was original price at ฿580 (approx. RM75). But then there was a promotion going, further reduced the price. I tried the tester on the spot, it was okay. Besides, it's so affordable, I put it in my cart straight away.

At the same time, there were body soap and fragrance on sale too, but I am not into body products afterall. So yeah, didn't buy any of those. :')

Overall, it was a memorable shopping experience at Beauty Cottage physical store. I just hope I brought more money. :p (my lil sister literally left me there alone because it took me forever to decide what shade of lipstick to buy)

Since this post is on beauty haul solely, I won't be going into details of every product I bought. If there's chance, I will review them individually later on.


Have you bought anything from Beauty Cottage before? What was the product you bought? Let me know in the comment box. ;)

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