February 16, 2019

[Review] DHC - Lip Cream

Hello everyone! :)

For those who love matte lipstick, you will understand how frustrated when your lip lines are prominent, or worst crack lips. :(

That's awful.

Especially worst as I really enjoy spicy food, such as tom yum kung, asam laksa, nasi lemak, and etc. Spicy food will worsen the dry lip condition, causing irritation on the lips.

Today I'm going to share with you my current favourite lip balm, or DHC calls it as "lip cream".

Review; DHC's Lip Cream
DHC's Lip Cream | 1.5g

I guess most of you would have came across this lip care product before. This is one of the Award Winning Japanese Cosmetics rated by Cosme.

My friend got it during her trip to Japan. She said the cosmetics shop had limit one customer can only purchase one DHC's Lip Cream as it was on sale at that time. (that's crazy!!) So she literally had to go into two different shops in order to purchase two of these Lip Cream. (arigato!!! >w<)

The lip balm is packed in a paper box, very nicely, just as you can expect from a Japanese product. Minimalistic.

Review; DHC's Lip CreamReview; DHC's Lip CreamReview; DHC's Lip Cream

As you can see, the product description is completely written in Japanese.

Not to worry much when you have internet! ;)

I wish to highlight to you its main ingredients: Olive essence oil, Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E. Every goodness you can think of to moisturize and keep your lips moisturized. And because of its high treatment ingredients, this lip cream is also recommended for those who suffer from chapped lips - as daily lip care.

It comes in peachy-orange plastic tube (as below). The lip cream itself is yellowish. It doesn't have significant scent, but you might smell wax if you pay really close attention.

Review; DHC's Lip CreamReview; DHC's Lip Cream

When the lip balm touches skin / lips, it quickly melts and cover the surface with a thin oil-like layer, leaving a shimmering and glossy-finish (as below).

Review; DHC's Lip Cream

Since it is colourless, it can be used as daily lip care, or even be applied on top of lipsticks, like a lip gloss. It is very effective in keeping lips moist and smooth. It's humid here in Malaysia which I don't have the chance to test it under dry and cold weather, but many commented that this lip cream is especially good for dry and cold weather. Gotta bring one while travelling to cold weather countries next time! ;)

Below are the before vs. after lip cream application comparison.

Review; DHC's Lip Cream

Definitely the fine lines on my chapped lips appear less visible and overall it looks moist after application. The result is instant! You will be hooked to this product before you even know it. :D

This product is selling for RM35 on BarbieEyesLand.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

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