April 20, 2019

[Cafe Hoping] 5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Outlet Grand Opening

Hello everyone! :)

When you're living in a hot and humid country like Malaysia,
you just can't say "no" to ice-cream.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

- Address: Imago Shopping Mall, Level 2 near Popular.
- Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

5ivedegreecelsius may not be new to some
since they opened their first outlet at Latitude 6.

Good thing to know that the brand is expanding,
and here we are now at their 2nd outlet's grand opening!

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Outlet Grand Opening5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Outlet Grand Opening

Having said that the Latitude 6 outlet is serving more towards local community,
setting up new outlet at Imago Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, would allow the ice-cream shop to introduce themselves to tourists.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

The ice-cream kiosk is located at Level 2, near to Popular Bookstore.
And I bet you won't miss it because of its eye-catching pink dreamy house-like structure.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

There are plenty of tables and chairs lay out at the aisle.
From their design and concept, I can sense the lively and hopeful vibe.
Would definitely an ideal place for friends to hangout and chill.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

Currently they are serving 16 different ice-cream flavours;
some are fixed menu while others are seasonal.

While we were chit-chatting with the founder and owner, Mr Jonathan,
we are truly amazed by his passion for making quality ice-creams.

These aren't the usual ice-cream you can get from supermarkets.
In fact, he learned the gelato and sorbet-making skills from an Italian ice-cream guru.

Adventurous by nature,
he sets out the journey on seeking new flavours through countless attempts back at his "lab".
To name a few special mentions, White Rabbit (inspired by White Rabbit Candy), Pistachio, Cheese Cake, Rum and Raisins and more!

Do look out for more flavours coming soon! :9

How to order?

First, choose your ice-cream flavour.

Then choose what do you want the ice-cream to serve with.
(i.e. cups, cones, waffles)

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk
(front) Serving on waffle; (back) Serving on cups.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk
Serving on daily freshly-made cone

Just before you assume it's just another ice-cream shop,
5ive Degree Celsius is truly living up to the cafe-standard,
which (unexpectedly) they are also serving fresh-from-oven savoury bites
to balance out your taste bud.

Tea-time anyone? :)

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

I must say, their Beef Shephard Pie absolutely steal the scene with its well-balance components.
... only one tiny problem... the serving / portion.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

Nevertheless, I have to put it out there,
their pastries are just as good as their ice-creams.

If you ordered from their pastries on the display shelf,
the staffs will warm it before serving to you.
Very thoughtful.

5ive Degree Celsius' Imago Kiosk

To complete the meal,
pick a drink from their extensive menu,
from coffee to non-coffee, hot or cold.

The ambiance here at the cafe is great.
Dipping into Italian Gelato, sipping Darjeeling tea,
while having Beef Shephard Pie on the plate,
- somehow it reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany.

Meet my partners in crime. :p
(from left to right)
Hailey and two of her colleagues from Imago Management.
Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Geraldine Yong (Instagram | Blog)
Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Chloe Tiffany Lee (Instagram | Blog)
Food Blogger, Agnes Yong (Instagram | Blog)

Despite I myself is not a person with sweet tooth,
I do enjoy their ice-creams! (just nice, not too sweet until toothache)

If you haven't been to any of 5ive Degree Celsius outlet,
I would suggest you to give it a go.

That's all from me today.


Thank you so much to 5ive Degree Celsius, Mr Jonathan and the crew members,
for great food and heartwarming hospitality.

Thank you Elaine from Seats.MY for extending the invitation to us.



  1. Oh my gosh! It looks so pretty and cute! I would like to pay a visit ◡‿◡✿

    Blog de la Licorne

    1. Yeah it's really a cute and petite ice-cream shop! Do lemme know if you're in town!


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