April 4, 2019

Braces Journey Week 6 - Level Up!

Hello everyone! :3

It's Week 6 now, and I just realised there is one thing I haven't update here.

About 3 weeks ago, I went to dentist because there was one bracket came off.
During that dental session, Dr. Jo asked if I would like to "level up" the current condition.

To help both my upper and lower jaw with the alignment,
he gave me elastic (or better known as mini rubber band).

As per instructed as below, it is recommended to tie at most of the time,
but to be completely honest with you, I only tie them during some nights (not even every night). 🙈

Since the mini rubber bands are super tiny,
they can't stretch too much,
hence it is very tight when it's on. :x

Definitely not comfortable as both my upper and lower teeth are tightly tied together.
The gum / muscle being pulled by a constant tension  - also numbs my senses.

It feels like I'm biting my teeth all the time,
which unusual for me since I tend to leave my mouth open a little in my relax state.

After removing the bands in the next morning, the tension is still there for a minute or two,
then fades.

Despite the discomfort, Dr. Jo says it will eventually help with my mouth-breathing issue.
Hopefully as he said.

Till the next update.

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