April 7, 2019

[Cafe Hoping] Sundate @ COF Cafe

What a sunny Sunday!

Sundate with Justine at the newly opened cafe - COF Cafe, located at Aeropod, Kota Kinabalu.

COF Cafe

- Address : K-1-2, Aeropod Commercial Square.
- Operating Hours : 9AM - 11PM
- Facebook : @cofcafekk
- Instagram : @cofcafe.kk

It's a bit tricky to find the cafe.
I was searching the shop row facing highway,
but the cafe is in fact facing the Sabah Railway.
You have to make a turn to the back of the Aeropod building to find it.

COF Cafe

Despite the cafe just opened for a couple months,
it was highly rated by millenniums.
(so called a cafe with young faces)

I can totally see why.
Minimalistic interior design with vibrant choice of colors,
giving an impression of fun and modern environment.

COF Cafe

As usual, Justine has Flat White and I'm having Cappuccino.
Also we ordered a cake to share.

I must say, the Japanese Light Cheese Cake is delicious!
Fluffy, spongy - perfect texture and the cheese flavour is not overpowering.

Japenese Light Cheese Cake, COF Cafe

To our surprise, there was a 50% discount for the cakes on the top shelf.
Originally the cheese cake is priced at RM14 / slice, which is kinda overpriced I would say.
But now it's just RM7 / slice, that's more reasonable.

Japenese Light Cheese Cake, COF Cafe

On the other hand, we were quite disappointed on the caffeine drinks. :(
Both (supposedly) hot drinks were warm when served.
Good thing was the staff is willing to change the drink when we gave the feedback.

I was having quite an expectation on their drinks actually.
The taste was so-so and the presentation (artwork) was lacking.

Overall, I love the cafe's ambience and their cake!
I will definitely come back for their cake! :9


On our way back, a train drove passed us.
I just love the scenery!

Sabah Railway

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