April 2, 2019

It's Spring! Hyeon's K-Pop Song Playlist

You know, it's either hot or rainy here in this tropical country where I'm staying. We don't have four seasons, but it's totally fine. :)

In order to get a glimpse of spring-feel, I will plug in the earphone and play my customized K-pop spring playlist.

*Not your ordinary playlist.


BTS "Just One Day"

Cute romantic lyrics and melody creating pinky-love bubbles in the air!

BTS (Jungkook) "Euphoria"

To me, spring is a season of happiness. Upbeat modern rhythm accompanied by Jungkook's amazing vocal - oh yes, "you are the cause of my euphoria~".

Infinite "Nothing's Over"

I must say, Infinite's songs in the early days are really sweet. Let us be reminded that nothing's over. It's alright to start again.

Infinite "Can U Smile"

There is a saying goes, "smile is the best medicine in the world". Put a smile on the face. You wouldn't know it would brighten up someone's day.

Taeyeon (feat. Verbal Jint) "I"

"My life is a beauty~" Powerful vocal and inspiring lyrics. Feel like going for a road trip after listening to this song.

Park Bom (feat. Sandara Park) "Spring (봄)"

After cold winter, it's spring again and flowers bloom. Park Bom's mesmerizing vocal gives listeners new hope this year.

Wanna One "봄바람 (Spring Breeze)"

The melody of this song really stands out - especially its chorus. Multi-layered vocal, but in sync. A soothing song to listen - as soothing as spring breeze.


Starting with a rather slow and gloomy melody, but following with a twist. The next thing you find is your body is moving along with the rhythm.

iKON "오늘 모해 (#WYD)"

It's true that spring is a season when hearts flutter. How to start a conversation? How about "hey, what are you doing"?

버스커 버스커 (Busker Busker) "벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending)"

I can imagine the cherry blossom petals are floating in the air and sunshine is shining gently on me while this song is playing~

K.Will "Love Blossom"

Okay. This is classic.


What are the songs in your Spring playlist? Share with me in the comment box below.

Happy spring!

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