April 1, 2019

Braces Journey Week 5 - Are U Kidding Me?

Hello everyone! :3

My teeth braces journey continues...

Coming into Week 5, it's the first dental review!
So yeah, I will be checking out dental clinic every month to see if my teeth are improving.

Unfortunately, my lower teeth didn't seem to have much improvement,
due to lack of space (teeth gum).

Because I insisted not to remove any tooth (if possible),
my dentist was cracking his head to think of a way around.

At the end, he put a spring - connecting two teeth,
to give constant pressure to my lower left canine (虎牙),
in hoping that it will give space for the incisor (门牙) in front.

Meanwhile, as part of maintenance,
Dr. Jo helped me replaced the braces band.

As previous, I requested for transparent band,
but apparently Dr. Jo disapproved my taste. :s

Instead, he gave me a BIG surprise by changing the band to BLUE!
(oh dear!!! O.O)

"Are you kidding me??",
I was think aloud in my head.

What do you think of my new look? :')

I should seriously think ahead what color should I get next,
before he takes charge of my "look". >_<

Any suggestion what color should I get on the next dental review?
Sound off below.

Till the next update.

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