December 28, 2016

December 26

2016년12월26일 (월요일)

If you have been following my blog, it had been an unusual December since I had been actively posting the whole month! I really wanted to manage this blog as frequent and consistent as I could, which my aim is to update it on a weekly basis.

It came a loooong way until reaching this decision. My friends and family have been throwing me with lots of advice, ideas and thoughts throughout this period. I've quit my job about a month ago, and not been actively searching for the next job at the moment (which I should not be acting this way). However, at the same time, I couldn't resist much on spending money (literally means shopping). You see, I am a business student. It is not a healthy to spend while you don't have the spending power - which also leads to the conclusion of the importance of seeking for income.

There are two ways (at least) of getting income: work for others OR be the boss. If the latter couldn't be achieve now, I might just start with the first one. So, yes, I will find myself a new job soon! And at the same time, I would also like to start my own courier. What will that be? Other than being a stage performer/singer (which is quite impossible to achieve anytime soon), my next interest lays on beauty cosmetic industry.

Inspired much by beauty YouTubers, namely ssin 씬님Hanbyul 한별PONY MakeupHello Catiekimdao, just to mention a few, their videos are so inspiring. For instance, recommended products by brands, new season products, makeup tips and so on so forth. These beauty tips are so useful from preventing buyer (like myself) from buying products which we regret after that (and saved alot of money!). From thence, I got the idea of resuming to blogging by sharing my own product testing experience and review.

Five more days to 2017. My new year resolution is to turn my interest into income (eventually), starting by putting it into an act - blogging consistently.

By writing this, I really appreciate if you could write to me/comment down below recommendations/critics to help me improve in future blogging. And also, I hope Soulmate will be a blog site which you will revisit from time to time :)


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