December 1, 2016

[Seoul] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 5.2 加平●晨静树木园

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

Moving on to our second spot in Gapyeong.

It feels totally different after leaving Seoul city.
Seemed like we are going for a class trip to experience nature.

Looking at those trees and flowers, it's just so healing.

Join us for a healing trip. Let's GOOO! :)


September 13, 2016 (Monday)

I mentioned in earlier post saying there is a shuttle bus service operating in this town.

After visiting Nami Island, we decide to take the shuttle bus to The Garden of Morning Calm
(a.k.a. morning calm arboretum)

The shuttle bus schedule is attached above.
(you're welcome :D)

Fyi the shuttle bus fare is KRW6,000 per person per day.
YES, be sure you keep your ticket, and you can use it as many times you want for that WHOLE day.

It is fixed price, doesn't matter you are locals or foreigners.
Just purchase the ticket from the bus driver on-the-spot.

It's about an-hour ride from Nami Island bus stop to The Garden of Morning Calm.
The bus driver will do some introduction about the next destination in Korean,
and even do translation himself, using simple English (how lovely)

So the route from Nami Island to The Garden of Morning Calm looks like this:
Nami Island > Petite France > Cheongpyeong Terminal > Cheongpyeong Station > The Garden of Morning Calm

Instead of going to Petite France (kind-of too mainstream in some way),
the reason we decided on The Garden of Morning Calm is to experience more of the Autumn.

However, unfortunately Autumn didn't come at the time we expected it to be.
It's more like a late-Summer at the time we went.
The weather is still crazily hot, especially in the afternoon.

晨靜樹木園 (아침고요수목원)

** Address : 경기도 가평군 상면 수목원로 432 (상면) **
** Operating hours : 08:30~19:30
** Tel : +82-2-1544-6703 **
** Official Website : **
** Korean Tourism Organization Website : **

The entrance fee for adult is KRW9,000 (weekends, public holidays); KRW8,000 (weekdays).
We got a promotional voucher of KRW7,000 per person (honestly I don't know how).

Our first stop is Morning Calm Gallery.
It was having cat gallery at that time.

Look how real and cute these cats are.
Love the vibrant use of colors.

Honestly, we are here not because feeling artistic (?), but in fact to avoid the heat.
It's no joke when we said it was killing us slowly... :x

Our next stop is Green House.
Literally it is a place whereby plants wouldn't need to go through the season changes.
It's quite a small one, frankly nothing much to see here, other than small cactus.

Can't stay there for long. Keep moving forward.

Look at that field. Isn't it healing?

Keep walking.

Here we are. Our third spot, The Moonlight Garden.
It's the highest point of the whole map.
Such a lovely building.
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to enter the building.

Along the way, we noticed many couples, young and middle-aged,
whom they taking their leisure time, enjoying the view.

A place for a date? Well, it's quite not expected, for me.
Truly they look lovely in the pictures, don't they?

Walking down the hill, and we arrived at this spot, Morning Plaza.
It's a large plain field.
If it's not of the merciless hot sun, I would love to roll over the pasture...

Our next spot, the J's Cottage Garden is a Western-themed garden.
Imaging walking down the aisle in the evenings, heading back to the cottage at the end of the road,
and enjoying the hot chicken soup with grandma... everything seemed so magical..!
(imagination running wild again...)

A must-go spot here, I would say, is the Korean Theme Garden.
The moment when we stepped into the garden, it feels like we traveled through a time machine.

Look at that roof.

I really enjoy the space, the view, and especially the wood floor.
It's really unexplainable how healing it is just by lying on the floor.
Really really love that.

Ma, can we stay here for 2 days 1 night? (nawww)

Oh yeah, just a kind note, don't get confused with another spot, which called Korean Garden.
It's really nothing much there, but trees and flora.

Walking down along the road, and we reached the Flower House.
To be frank, I not flower expert so I don't really tell the difference between Flower House and the Green House. (like seriously) No offence.

It quite a lovely roofed building with mini cactus, and flowers (of course)

As I was reading the brochure, it says the Millennium Juniper is a must-see spot,
as it is also known as the symbol of the Garden of Morning Calm.

It is called the Millennium Juniper as it is estimated that the tree is around 1,000 years old.
It is one of the famous spots for photography thanks to the spectacular view of the curved tree with green pine needles.

And how can we missed the Cloud Bridge?
Of course, no.

Speaking of heart, we are quite disappointed because we thought we came at the wrong timing.
The weather is hot, and we don't even get to see maple trees leaves turning red.

Luckily, we did see a glimpse of it, by just a bit.

To summarize, my favourite/recommendation spots will be:
(1) Morning Calm Gallery
(2) Moonlight Garden
(3) J's Cottage Garden
(4) Korean Theme Garden
(5) Millennium Juniper
(6) Cloud Bridge

To note, according to the brochure, a must-see festival would be the Lighting Festival.
It is held between December to February every year (winter season).

Well, I guess maybe 'til the next time then.


Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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