December 3, 2016

[Busan] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 6.1 釜山之旅●Compose Coffee●甘川洞文化村

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

It's time for us to set off for Busan.
A place where both of us never been to.

We are anxious and excited at the same time.

Without further a due, let's GOOO! :)


September 14, 2016 (Wednesday)

We set up early in the morning to catch the train.
Train is leaving at 7:20AM.

Today is the eve of Thanksgiving Festival (in Korean culture).
Most people will return to their hometown during this season,
having said that today will be the peak of the peak period.

We even bumped into TV broadcasting crew whom assumed to be reporting on the homecoming traffic.

We quickly grabbed ourselves simple breakfast from the stall at Seoul Station.
Set breakfast comes with a sandwich and a cup of coffee.
Seriously, this could be the worst black coffee I ever drank @@
Absolutely tasteless. We threw it away before finishing it.
(I tried... I really did... sorry T^T)

While waiting for our train to arrive, a vintage train decorated beautifully passed us by.
I just can't help but take some snaps.
Feels like we are going to Harry Potter town, or what.

Recently there is a blockbuster movie <Train to Busan>.
And here, we are proudly to say, we are now taking train to Busan!
C'mon get on board, and don't worry, we will arrived safety :P
(forget about zombies and all)

The train journey took us around 3 hours to arrived at Busan Station.
Since its peak season, we hardly get ourselves seats, until the train is approaching its last station.

Yay, we're here Busan! :))

First thing first, we checked in to our hotel room, and freshen up a bit from the tiring journey.

Then the next thing is to fill up our tummy.
Our hotel is located near to Haeundae Station (203).
From here, we are heading to Daeyeon Station (213).

It was highly recommended that we should try out the local pork soup rice (dweji-gukbab),
and the place is called 쌍둥이돼지국밥 (The Twins Pork Soup Rice).

However, they are closed for Thanksgiving Festival.
Click here for your own travel research reference.

During the search, we went to a roadside cafe, Compose Coffee.
Their coffee is nice, and their staffs are very friendly too.
You can request to add more syrup to your drink, if needed.

Have you came across Santorini of Korea?
Yes, its name is  Gamcheon Culture Village, and we are heading there now!

The first time I learned about this place is through South Korea TV reality show
<The Return of Superman> where Lee Hwijae brought his twin sons to visit there.
The twin brothers even mistaken Little Prince as their mum :p

Departing from Daeyeon Station (213) to Jagaichi Station (110),
interchange at Seomyeon Station (219 / 119).

And from Jagaichi Station (110), Exit 3, cross the road to the bus station,
and take Seogu 2-2, Seogu 2, or Sahagu 1-1 to Gamcheon Culture Village.

Tip for you here, forget about the bus number.
Just look at the bus if it indicates going Gamcheon Culture Village.
Usually they will list out the place of stops on the side of the bus.

Drop-off at the Gamcheon Primary School Station (Gamcheon chodeung hakgyeo).

감천문화마을 | Gamcheon Culture Village (entrance)

** Address : 부산 사하구 감천2동 **
** Tel : +82-70-4219-5556 **
** Official Website :**
** Korean Tourism Organization Website : **

The village is open all year round as it is also a residential area.
However, some facilities might not be made available during public holidays.

There is no entrance fee needed. However you may purchase tour map for KRW2,000 at the information counter.
If you can get your map all stamped at specific spots, you can get postcards for free, as a reward.

Due to public holiday, all the facilities are closed, so the counter lady hand in the map together with 2 postcards right away.

C'mon let's follow our camera and visit this place~

We found "mum"! HAHAHA~
But where is the little fox? (omgeeeee)

Did quite some walking and hiking today.
Now it's time to leave.

Head back to where the bus dropped us earlier,
and we cross to the opposite of the road to get on a bus back to Jagachi Station.


Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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