December 28, 2016

[Penang] Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅 Day 1.2 New Lane Hawker Centre

Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅

December 19, 2016 (Monday)

Last post, I mentioned we check-in to Sunway Hotel Georgetown. It's time for dinner. About 1 minute down the road, there is New Lane Hawker Centre, and I already can feel its "heat" from the hotel.

New Lane Hawker Centre 纽冷小贩中心

new lane hawker centre

-Address : Lorong Baru, George Town, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
-Operating Hours : 4PM–11PM

Walking out from Sunway Hotel Georgetown, turn left and walk for about 1 minute, and there you will see hawker stalls on both sides of the street.Unlike Petaling Street 茨厂街 or Taman Connaught Night Market 康乐夜市, New Lane Hawker Centre is rather smaller in size; however, it is well-known for tourists.

new lane hawker centre

It was a bit tricky when finding a table to settled down. Most of the tables belongs to certain shops, and they ask customers to buy drinks from them in order to use their tables (business, huh?). Since we have 5 persons here, the guy actually made us to order at least 3 drinks (like seriously). As long as it is reasonable, we will flow with it.

new lane hawker centre

Luckily, the tongsui (Chinese kind-of dessert - sweet soup) tastes nice and refreshing. One with longan+baiguo, one with red bean and one with all mixed. It costs about RM6 in total (sorry I can't remember the exact amount already).

And below are some of the famous dishes here in Penang:

Fried oyster 蚝煎 - RM10 **recommend**
fried oyster new lane hawker centre

Curry mee 咖喱面 - RM4.50 **recommend**
curry mee new lane hawker centre

Hokkien mee 福建面 - RM4
hokkien mee new lane hawker centre

Popiah 薄饼 - RM5 (no photo)

Lo mee 卤面 - RM4.50 (no photo)

Wantan mee 云吞面 - RM5 (no photo)

Fried carrot cake 炒萝卜糕 - RM5 (no photo)

Chendol Special 珍多 - RM3 (no photo)

Beef ball soup 牛肉汤面 - RM7 **recommend**
new lane hawker centre

Voila! Here we found our first street art painting, at just around the corner... It's a boy slurping mee from a hot bowl while the squirrel found doing the same thing on his head. Cute.

street art new lane hawker centre

---stay tuned---

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