December 9, 2016

[Seoul] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 8.2 AND here café●Poulet Chicken

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

Hyehwa is indeed a good place to visit.
I love the cultural vibe of this town.

Come and follow our camera to visit Hyehwa and Hongdae in this post.

Let's GO! :)


September 16, 2016 (Friday)

It's almost become a non-written custom that we KPOP lovers must visit a place which we could relate to our favourite artists/singers.

It so happened that there is a café which is opened by BIG BANG Seungri's mum around the corner of Hyehwa Street. Let's check it out! :)

AND here café

 ** Address : 서울특별시 종노구 동숭동 31-14 **
** Tel : +82-2-324-8464**
** Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00 **
** Instagram // Facebook // Twitter  **

Our maknae Jane bought us drinks. (komawoyo~ ^_^)

C'mon and I'll bring you around the café :D

Probably because its odd hours, they don't have much people in the café.
It's such a good place for hangout with friends.
Side note, the waiters are kind (and cute too *~*! omo)

On our way back to metro station, Jane found a street stall selling a childhood snack - sugar biscuit made of brown sugar. The biscuits are in different shapes. It is sold for KRW1,000 each.

From Hyehwa Station (420), we are now heading back to Hongik University Station (239), interchange at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (205 / 422).

** side note : we stopped by at Seoul Station to pick up stuffs from Lotte Mart **

Guess most of you are familiar with Hongdae Night Market.
Tonight we are going after something special for dinner.

뿔레치킨 홍대 | Poulet Chicken Hongdae
Source :

** Address : 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 52-20 **
** Operating Hours : 15:00 ~ 01:00 **
** Telephone : +82-2-2148-1856 **
** Official Website (Korean) : **
** Reference (English) : TRAZY.COM **

This restaurant is specially famous for its unique menu -- Carbonara Chicken.
The tender chicken mixed with the creamy carbonara sauce just taste perfect together!

Carbonara Chicken

The Carbonara Chicken really really really impressed us! (thumbs up!)
It costs us for KRW17,000.
Don't miss this awesome diner place if you are here in Hongdae!

Additionally, this place is also famous for its special draft beer -- Fresh Cream Draft Beer.
Online review said it goes perfectly with the Carbonara Chicken;
however we didn't try it tonight (maybe next time?)

Have you ever seen an order remote control like this (below)?
Just hit the button on the control to order your drinks! (how convenient HAHAHA)!

After dinner, we spent some time shopping along Hongdae Street.
Seriously 2 hours wouldn't be enough @@

With mixed feelings, we bid goodbye to Jane and head-off to our guesthouse.

A big THANK YOU to Jane, for being such a caring and lovely companion :)
(sometimes I've just forgot that she is younger than us :p)

Hope to see you again soon!


Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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