December 5, 2016

[Busan] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 7.1 太宗台●南浦洞BIFF广场

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

Day 2 in Busan.
We had a good rest last night at the hotel,
and today we are heading to a few Busan attractions.

Let's GOOO! :)


September 15, 2016 (Thursday)

We booked our hotel deal from
The deal doesn't include breakfast in the hotel.

I have always have this curiosity to know how the fast food taste at different countries,
cause most likely the menus vary from one country to another, to suit local taste bud.

So we are here today at McDonald's, see what we got for breakfast.
This breakfast worth for KRW8,400 (around RM30 omgeee)

The most obvious difference here is the drink options.
Instead of coffee or tea (the basics), they offer milk in box packaging.
Instead of our favourite choco drink Milo, they have hot chocolate.

Apparently the staffs don't speak fluent English, so try to keep the conversation easy and short.

The menu is almost similar to ours back in Malaysia.
Their serving is standarized as well. (nothing really surprise thou)
I'm just lovin' it (HAHAHA)

Soon after breakfast, the journey starts by heading to Haeundae Station.
Our first destination of the day is Taejongdae.
We are taking metro to Nampo Station (111), Exit 6.

Gee, see who we found here! Hello dear Jimin ^_^

From here, we will take public bus 8 / 30 / 66 / 99, whichever come first.

Again, the note is here to observe the bus destination stops written on the bus (side).
They are usually written in Korean and English (or, Romanization).

Its quite straightforward as the bus terminal is at Taejongdae.
So you just have to ride all the way to the terminal will do.

(opss, I was too excited at that time and omitted taking some important photos here,
so I'm gonna borrow some photos on the internet for better illustration)

The bus driver will drop you at this spot.
Walk along the right-hand path, all the way straight up to the roundabout.
The entrance is right ahead of you

The information center is on the right-hand side.
The whole building is wood-brown. Very noticeable.
Pick up the tour map, and we're ready to go :)

** Address : 부산시 영도구 동삼2동 전망로 24 **
** Tel : +82-51-405-2004 **
**Operating hours : 04:00 ~ 12:00**
** Official KTO (English) :**

Taejongdae is a natural park of Busan with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of island of Yeongdo-gu.

Herewith I'm attaching the scanned tourist leaflet we got at the info center.

There is circular train service in the park. Its name is Danubi Circular Train.
The fare is KRW2,000 per adult.

source : internet

Although the usual train schedule starts at 9:20AM,
due to festive season (Thanksgiving Festival), the train operation delayed to afternoon.

Since no point of waiting for Danubi, we decided to take a walk instead.

Now let's follow our camera~

The whole road trip took us about 1 hour and a half.
The park itself is located on a hill, so it requires a bit of hill climbing.
Moreover, some spots are located near the cliffs, where you need to take stairs to go down.

Do wear comfortable shoes if you're planning to visit the park.

When we were back at the starting point, then we realized we missed the most important spot!
- the Yeongdo Lighthouse (the landmark of the park). omgeee

Luckily the Danubi Circular Train is about to operate at that time.
We quickly ran and queued at the ticket counter. That was a very long queue!

And finally, we got up on the train. (whoohoo!)

The train only stops at specific stations.
Passengers are allowed to stop at any station and board on the following train.

Of course, we dropped off at Yeongdo Lighthouse station.
The lighthouse is built right beside the cliff.
We took a long staircase way down to the lighthouse.

Obviously our effort didn't go in vain.
It was a spectacular view from here!
(that also explained why it is crowded with people)

After that, we waited for the next train to arrive, and head back to the starting platform.

It's lunch time. You can find several restaurant on both sides of the road.
We simply just went into one of the restaurant, and had our lunch.
I had bibimbap (not very appealing thou)

When we are done, we took the public bus and returned to Nampo Station.
Take Exit 7 from the station.

We are heading to another landmark of Busan - BIFF Square/Street.
From Nampo Station, it takes around 14 minutes to reach our destination.

Naver map

The name is originated from the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF, previously Pusan International Film Festival, PIFF), which held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea.
Its one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.

** Address : 부산광역시 중구 비프광장로 20 (남포동6가) 일대 **
** Tel : +82-51-253-8523 **
** Official KTO (English) :**

You can find many street snacks here!
One of the hot items is the raindrop cake.

Just like a huge raindrop, mix it with the grounded peanut and/or choco drip.
And it costs KRW3,000 (about RM12!!! >_<)
There isn't any unique taste. But it looks pretty and cute for pictures.

水滴打糕 | Raindrop cake

And again, we visited Paik's Coffee here at BIFF Square.
We ordered non-coffee drinks. However, it doesn't taste as good as the iced coffee we had earlier :/


Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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