December 25, 2016

[Review] The Saem - Saemmul Real Tint 01. Red

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

To add a little more "redness" to this special day, I am reviewing Saemmul Real Tint shade no. 1 Red from The Saem. Fyi I really fancy red full-lips makeup, just like Taylor Swift's. But of course, this lip makeup is not easy to be pulled-off (furthermore I'm just an amateur).

Well absolutely, first thing first, you need to get yourself the right shade of red. Since we have different lips color, it might be a "trial and error" when finding the right shade for you. Don't be afraid of trying. Just enjoy the process! :D

So, lipstick or lip tint, which one better? It's up to you :D

What I have here today is a lip tint (or, also known as "lip stain"). Theoretically, it is less hassle than lipstick while giving you a quick touch of long lasting color and don’t need to worry about reapplying frequently. Moreover, they are also been highly promoted for its lightweight texture which is perfect for daily wear which you can have a wash of color without feeling wearing too much of product.

The Saem Saemmul Real Tint 01. Red | 더샘 샘물 리얼 틴트 01. 레드

The Saem is rather well-known for its creamy concealer (I will paste the link here when it's ready). Despite the fact, I am going to review their lip tint product today. Actually, this Real Tint product line is considered as the cheapest lip tint of the store. It is only sold for RM15 on!

As shown above, it has a long applicator with a slanted-tip. The volume of the product is not mentioned on the packaging. I measured the length of the product with a ruler, and it is about 10.8cm.

The formula is rather watery, so you have to apply 2~3 layers to get the colour (shown below). But for the same reason, it doesn't dry up your lips and end up looking dehydrated and cracked.

One thing I really like about this product is its pleasant fruit punch scent/flavour, which always reminds me of cherry grape juice.

Overall, considering all the aspects, I would say it worth the purchase, because of its color payoff and price. What I don't like about is its watery texture, which ultimately causes the colour to fade too quickly. However, the tint stain (lighter shade) is very lasting.

If you prefer lightly flushed lip color (when you’re not into pigmented lip look), this should be a good choice of daytime stain.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: No

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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