December 31, 2016

[Penang] Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅 Day 2.2 Ka Bee Cafe●Chew & Lim Clan Jetties

Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅

December 20, 2016 (Tuesday)

Our parents didn't join us for the 3D Trick Art Museum earlier. So they went on to an Indian restaurant across the street to have lunch. When we are done with the museum, we took our car and parked at Lim Clan Jetty. An uncle, who is riding motorcycle, came to us as soon as we stopped our car. He asked for RM5 parking fee per entrance. Since there aren't much parking choices nearby, we just go with it.

Ka Bee Cafe - Fresh Seafood Noodles 佳味餐室(鱼头米粉)

ka bee cafe

- Address : 49, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
- Phone : +60 4-261 5659
- Operating Hours : 11AM–2:30PM, 5PM–10:30PM

From Lim Clan Jetty, turn left and walk straight down, walk passed Shell Station, walk passed Chew Clan Jetty, you should see the restaurant on your left-hand side.

ka bee cafe menu

ka bee cafe menu

Their specialty is non-other than the fish head meehoon soup. Many people recommended to try this restaurant, if you are visiting the clan jetties.

So there are 3 steps to follow while ordering: (1) choose the soup base; (2) choose the type of noodle/porridge; (3) choose the type of meat/seafood; *additional* (4) choose add-ons.

Write down your cooking preference on the ordering paper prepared. The kitchen will prepare it accordingly. They should serve it shortly as they have all the ingredients ready beforehand.

We ordered 2 bowls of mee and 2 snacks. Check out below:

- A1 Signature soup + N2 Thin rice noodle + F2 Fried fish meat + E1 Fish ball - RM10.50
ka bee cafe

- A2 Tomyam soup + N3 Cintan mee + F2 Fried fish meat - RM8.50
ka bee cafe

- S2 Fried mantis prawn (small) - RM7 **recommended**
ka bee cafe

- S4 Fried fish skin (small) - RM7
ka bee cafe

This meal costs RM33 in total. Personally, I thought both soups are just so-so. Tomyam soup base has stronger sour taste than spicy. The cintan mee tastes like maggi mee (slightly harder to chew). Their seafood are delicious. Fried fish meat is very fresh and the fried mantis prawns are exceptional. However, the fried fish skin is also so-so.

Clan Jetties (Chew & Lim) 姓氏桥

Clan Jetties have formed part of the Penang Heritage Trail. These clusters of wooden houses were built by the Chinese poor immigrants who work near the port during the 19th Century. These immigrants came from the South-Eastern coast of China - Fujian Province, due to the hardship they face in their homeland during that era.

This waterfront society is composing of various Chinese clans. Each jetty is named after a Chinese clan. There used to be seven jetties until one was demolished by fire. Particularly, the Chew Jetty is the most tourist-friendly with the most stilt-houses and the longest walkway.

- Address : Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

- Chew Clan Jetty 姓周桥

chew jetty penang

Oh well oh, and here we found our first street art of the day! The grandma and grandson (as shown above). Follow the wood walkway on the right-hand side to enter Chew Clan Jetty.

chew jetty penang

chew jetty penang

chew jetty penang

chew jetty penang

souvenirs chew jetty penang

chew jetty penang

Have a good nap, doggy.

souvenirsr chew jetty penang

With tourists flowing in, locals are turning their houses to shops, selling various of food, beverages and souvenirs. I thought it is a peaceful village to live in. Or, an ideal place to open a sea-view cafe (idk just saying).

- Lim Clan Jetty 姓林桥

lim clan jetty penang

Lim Jetty, on the other hand, is less happening than Chew Jetty. Basically well-known for its Chinese temple located at its entrance.

lim clan jetty penang

Lim clan jetty is situated closest to the Penang ferry terminal. Fun fact pointed by Asia Web Direct, none of the families from the jetties pay any tax as they are not living on land until today.

It was 3 o-clock that time. We can hear clearly music coming from the clock tower; the music repeat for 3 times. It's about time to leave now. Off to our next destination.

---stay tuned---

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